Hummus – an Absolute Meal

It hit me (while I was making today´s portion) that a hummus meal, like the one in the photo, has everything.

  • proteins, from chickpeas and tahini (the sesame paste)
  • monounsaturated fats (aka healthy dietary fat!) from olive oil
  • vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber from vegetables
  • garlic (enough said)

I weight 54kg and need just about 40g protein/day, based on the average recommendation of 0.75g per kg body weight*. Since I also put a tablespoon of hemp protein powder in my hummus, for me; eating one plate covers over half of the required daily protein intake. look:

(175g chickpeas * 6,7g/100) + (1 tablespoon tahini, aka 15g * 22,7g/100) + (1 tablespoon hemp protein powder, aka 15g * 50g/100) = 22,6g

One dinner or one lunch can thus easily give you a third or even half of your daily proteins!

Hummus is also great because it keeps you full long after the meal is finished. Its only minus is the garlic, but only because you´re not exactly charming with your breath afterwards. But who cares? It´s Covid anyways!

Humus is just something you have to wing, so I won´t bother posting a recipe – there are already so many delicious ones out there. Although I will say that you should boil the chick peas yourself, instead of buying canned, to get that creamy texture.

*this depends on the activity level.


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